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Count Down...

With COVID raging across the globe, New Year's count down events are cancelled and those who dare to mingle are risking a lot. Whatever you decide to do, stay safe and stay cautious. There are many dangers lurking in all corners. Don't go anywhere alone. And notify people where you are and how you are travelling. Tag your location on social media as much as possible if you have to. Just be sure someone who knows and loves you and would move mountains to find you, knows where you are.

We have our own #2021countdown...

Future Black Female's #saysomething campaign is still open. Send in your video before midnight tomorrow -December 31st.

#SAYSOMETHING is a campaign against gender-based violence (#gbv). #COVID has exacerbated the risk of #domesticviolence, #childabuse, and #femicide. Now is the time to speak up. #Lockdowns are not ending. Social isolation is messing with our minds. We are at risk and need to speak up.

So #saysomething. Send us your (unto) 3 minutes of #spokenword.

More info and how to submit your #poetry is available here:

Happy New Year Future Black Females. 2021 is going to be...

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