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We are a registered not-for-profit in Canada governed by a Board of Directors. 

Future Black Female Empowers black girls to rise up!

Future Black Female is a feminist-informed organization that mobilizes Black female youth ages 16-22 to rise up and pursue better outcomes in academic, social, political, and civic arenas.


Our first project, launched in April 2019, was a global essay contest: The Future is Black Female. Writers shared their lived experiences as Black females in their cultures and locations reinforcing the universal truth that Black female youth across the globe struggle against poverty, educational barriers, economic barriers, and health and wellbeing challenges. Unless they comprehend the systems that drive female empowerment, Black female youth are left behind while their counterparts are more resourced and better supported. A big part of this is a lack of voice. They are the most silenced demographic in the world because of their race, gender, socioeconomic and geographical location, and age. Four specific themes emerged as we reviewed their essays: 

  • Gender based violence experienced by them, their mothers and women in their communities;

  • Lack of access to education and educational resources;

  • Youth unemployment and underemployment; and 

  • Early marriage based on economic need.  

Their essays and these four themes informed and affirmed our next steps as a growing organization.  These steps are outlined below along with our Vision and Mission.




Community-Empowered Black Female Youth.



To increase access to opportunities that result in Black female youth across the globe becoming more socially, politically, and economically empowered through strong networks, skills advancement, and rights-based advocacy. 














We privilege Black Feminist Thought, which contributed to society's understanding of intersectionality. Further, we advance the centering of Black feminists in the understanding of what it is to be a girl or woman by creating and claiming space in the world as Black females; and as a vital part of the global feminist movement.  


FBF believes that for Black Female Youth, social change comes when we focus on, and act to implement fundamental solutions to the problems and injustices they face. 


















We do not seek to achieve female empowerment or social justice without the valuable contributions of friends and allies from across different sectors and spaces. We build in unity and harmony.  Where we must fight for power or justice, it is in the same spirit of unity and harmony. 

  • Opportunity

  • Dignity

  • Equality

  • Tenacity

  • Education

  • Advocacy

  • Celebration

  • Authenticity

  • Action

  • Unity

FBF Values are our guidelines for living and behavior:




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