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Black History Month 2021: Finding My Way

The journey to success may be the only thing more glorious than success itself. The different paths that we take as we journey towards our dream job or career, our dream home or business, should help to define success for us. Another part of defining success is the early mornings and late nights, the daydreaming about what the final destination will look like, and the challenges that we face each day as we strive for more. But first, we have to find our way into paths where our life purpose can be fulfilled, despite our struggles.

As a Black female who has survived 2020, with all the challenges brought on by COVID-19, including constantly adjusting to the ‘new normal,’ you may be tempted to wallow in anxiety about what 2021 will look like. Thinking of all the goals that you set as New Year’s resolutions in 2020 that had to be delayed, you may be losing hope of ever making it. But guess what? That’s perfectly normal. This is the time to constantly remind yourself that Black excellence is real and you are a part of it. This is the time to look back at Black female pioneers who have gone before you, who had to jump through hoops to fulfill their purpose.

There is no better time to do this than to join us in celebrating Black History Month at our FREE virtual event on the 24th of February 2021 under the theme: FINDING MY WAY. To participate in this event register HERE today! This event is FREE, but you are welcome to make a donation.

The event is an opportunity to not only celebrate Black History Month, but to empower Black females to rise up above challenges and stay determined to achieve their goals. The theme will allow guest speakers, Akilah Newton and Cynthia Appiah, to talk about their paths to success, issues they’ve faced and how they overcame barriers along the way. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to learn about the work of Future Black Female in Canada and across the world. As we celebrate Black History Month and reflect on Black pioneers it’s only befitting that we use this platform to empower future Black female trailblazers of our time!

Meet our Guest Speakers

Akilah Newton is an activist, entrepreneur and author. After earning a BA in Arts, Music & Entertainment Management from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in England, she returned to Montreal and founded an organization for artistically-inclined youth; Overture with the Arts (OWTA) IN 2009. One of OWTA’s most popular programs is their annual Black History Month school tour. The tour visits schools across Canada and educates youth about Canadian Black History using music and spoken word. Find out more about Akilah Newton here.

Cynthia Appiah is a standout shot put and hammer throw athlete at York University. She was introduced to Bobsleigh in the summer of 2011 when she attended a testing camp at her university. Cynthia enjoyed a standout rookie season at the World Cup where she pushed both two-time Olympic champion, Kaillie Humphries, to a gold and bronze medal, and rookie pilot Alysia Rissling to her first World Cup bronze medal. With her sights on Beijing 2022, Cynthia aims to be a positive representation for Black youth and athletes in winter sports. Read more on Cynthia Appiah here.

As Future black Female we are honoured to host these two incredible Black female trailblazers who are setting a positive example for Black girls all over the world.

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