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International Women’s Day: #EachForEqual

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We are Generation Equality!c

International women’s day is a focal point for the women’s rights movement. It is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements, while advancing the strides that have been taken for gender equality. Within communities of Black females around the globe, it is marked with arts performances, themed talks, conferences, and marches.

Why do we celebrate women’s day?

The original aim of IWD was to achieve full gender equality for women. This goal has not yet been fully realized. Women are still not represented in equal numbers in business and politicsamong other areas. On a comparative scale, the access to education, safe and secure healthcare, and public services is still worse for women than it is for men. The rates of violence and abuse against women still present a significant barrier in the progress towards gender equality. However, on IWD we come together as women to drive the world to recognize the existing inequalities as well as take action that is sustainable for female empowerment and development.

Above all, this day is a time for reflection on how far women have come and the achievements that we have made in our journey. This does not only help us appreciate our successes, but also to acknowledge how coming together as women strengthens our advocacy.

Each year the IWD has a theme that is aimed at providing a shared goal for the rest of the year. The first ever theme for IWD was: Celebrating the Past, Planning For The Future. This year’s theme is #EachForEqual. This theme is aimed at encouraging each one of us to contribute towards a gender equal world. As Black females we can challenge stereotypes, fight biases, and improve our individual situations. However, our collective efforts are a force to be reckoned with; a power move that changes things. This theme aligns with Future Black Females’ #WeWinTogether in 2020. It reminds us there is power insisterhood and encourages us to reflect on how collective action creates a better world for everyone.

As we celebrate IWD we celebrate the past; and plan for the future. This may have been used as a theme for the first IWD celebration but it has remained a guiding principle throughout Women’s Month. As we celebrate achievements such as having the first Black Woman to take the title of Miss Universe - Zozibini Tunzi , in 2019, we also plan for the future and how we can all be #EachForEqual.

As Black Females, the story of our struggle for equality does not belong to just one of us but to our collective efforts. The business of gender equality is for the safety and betterment of each of us. We all have a critical role to play in changing narratives that are biased against women, particularly women of color who continue to fight battles against systemic racism, colonization, and racial disparities.

Now, let’s celebrate ourselves as Black females! Today, and in days to come, remember that you are worthy to be celebrated. Your achievements as a Black female are an important part of a whole lot of contributions towards gender equality. It is important for us to take time to recognize our efforts. This encourages us to press on as we are aware that our efforts are not in vain. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is about us, you and me, and our achievements. Every accomplishment counts even if it is just within our communities and homes. These are the efforts that when put together create a better world for future Black Females! Today we celebrate you, your past, present, and future!

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