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From Dr Tapo - Founding Executive Director: It takes living the experience to understand how deeply impacted Black girls and women are by systemic racism, misogyny, and general social and economic lack. This is why Future Black Female exists.

FBF is a way of conveying the deep injustice to those who have no lived experience, while also affirming those who have.

Most of all, we care. I love what I do because I love Black girls and women and I want to give as much of myself in love as I possibly can.

This summer has been great. We had our launch attended by many of our friends and partners in St Catharines and Niagara Region. After the pandemic, being welcomed by our community felt absolutely affirming!

We had the most "purrr" group of summer students and interns. (I learned that word from them. Still not clear what exactly it means). They elevated our programming.

I invite you to explore our revamped website. Check out our new logo! Reach out to us anytime. Follow us on our social media (@fblackfemale), and become a vital part of what we are doing. Thank you to everyone who has supported our growth so far. I am especially grateful to all the girls and women who have rallied around Future Black Female, giving of themselves and enriching the experiences of the young people we serve.

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