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Tips and Tricks to Stay Busy at Home

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We've got some pretty chill ideas to keep you from losing it over the next 21 days.

Nurture the artist in you.

  • Lean how to apply make up like the pros

  • Learn how to do nail art.

  • Learn calligraphy

Purge through Cleaning.

  • Spring clean your room and house. Re-arrange the furniture to see if you can create a better layout.

  • Go through your closet and create a donation pile.

  • When you're done with your room, do the living room and kitchen.


  • Those books that have been lying around your home, neglected.

  • Read to your siblings and family.

  • Read old magazines and newspaper articles and reflect on what has changed since they were published.

  • Amazon gives away a lot of free books that you can download onto your smartphone or kindle.

Master the Culinary Arts

  • Try new recipes

Gather the ingredients in your cupboard to find new recipes or create new ones.

Hold a cooking competition with your family members. The winner can skip chores for a month or (if your parents are up to it) get some cash.

Practice Creative Writing Skills

  • Go through your old journals and write a blog post about your life experiences.

  • Start journaling if you've never tried it before. Its actually great for your mental health.

  • Find out what blogs and media are looking and paying for contributions.

  • Send us a post for our FBF blog.

Practice Self-care

Finally, plan for your future because all this COVID19 stuff is sure to end sooner or later and you want to be prepared to hit the ground running!

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