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Pro-Black Mental Health Services

Studies indicate the psychological effects of racism include post-traumatic stress disorder and other forms of stress-related disorders. Due to race-based threats, Black families are reluctant to engage with services and avail of community resources mostly because many are part of a system that has been historically oppressive towards them.


We offer Pro-Black Mental Health Services (1-1 and group therapy) that:


  • Validate the knowledge and experiences of Black people.

  • Privilege Black people in social spaces.

  • Use an intersectional lens that considers the different ways Black people have been harmed and the many ways they have overcome social barriers.

  • Engage in culturally relevant and responsive ways.

  • Offer an understanding of the Black experience as relevant to the prevention and treatment of mental health; and to the enactment of positive mental health as social justice.

  • Actively address racism in all its forms against Black people and increase their capacity to successfully mitigate its impact.


Future Black Female provides FREE virtual and in-person counselling to Black girls aged 16-22 in Canada ONLY.

If you have been affected by Gender-Based Violence, we can set you up with a licensed and sensitive psychotherapist.


If you or anyone you know is in danger or at risk of harm (aka an emergency), please call 911. 

Fill out this CONFIDENTIAL form to be matched with a licensed psychotherapist. Once we receive your form, someone will be in touch within 48 hours.

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Have you experienced or are you currently experiencing events that you consider to be mentally, emontionally, and/or physically traumatic?
When could you be available for an apointment?
We currently have a waiting list. Please let us know if you able to pay through either of the options below.

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