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Black Youths United against GPV & IPV
(Gender Based Violence & Intimate Partner Violence)

What's the Deal with GBV?  

GBV and IPV are major problems in our communities, affecting too many of us, especially girls and women. Future Black Female is here to change that. At Future Black Female, we're all about problem solving and creating better outcomes for the future.  So, we've come up with a program that tackles this issue head-on. 


Why is This Important? 

Did you know that some statistics show that Black girls are more likely to face certain kinds of gender-based violence by the age of 15? The violence we experience in our childhood and adolescence can have long lasting impacts into adulthood. So, we want to address issues early in life so that in the future we are healthier and happier in our relationships and life generally.   


What We're Doing 

Our program employs a Train the Trainer model, empowering Black youth to lead impactful change through meaningful discussions and activities addressing GBV and IPV. 


  1. Learning Together: We'll help you understand what GBV is and how to deal with it. 


    2. Stronger Together: We'll show you how to stand up against violence as a team. 


    3. Culture Matters: We'll talk about how our Black, African, and Afrocentric cultures and beliefs and how who we are can help stop GBV. 


    4. Safe Spaces: We want you to feel safe at home, school, and college, so we'll work on making those places better too. 


    5. Engaging Boys and Men: Encourage active participation of Black boys and men as agents of change against GBV and IPV. 




What's in It for You? 

  • Knowing More: You'll learn about GBV and how to keep yourself and your friends safe. 

  • Being You: We'll help you understand your culture and how it can make you even stronger. 

  • Being Ready: You'll be ready to stop violence in its tracks and make a difference. 



How you can actively participate. 

We want you to be leaders against GBV. Our program will help you become experts, and you'll even get to talk to other young people about it. Together, we'll make sure no one has to face violence alone. 


Join the Squad 

This program is like a journey, and we want you to be part of it. If you want to learn more or get involved, reach out to us at []. Together, let's make our community stronger, safer, and full of amazing young heroes! 


Stay strong, stay amazing!

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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