If the Future is Female, Where will our Black Girls be?


    The Future is Female! We see and hear this everywhere, which brings to mind the previous waves of feminism where Black women were not so strongly represented or considered when space for women was made at the table. While white women made inroads, Black women and other women of color were not just excluded but they were forced to fill the domestic gap that white women left. The pertinent question is: if the future is female, where will our Black girls and women be? Will they stand side by side with White, Asian, Latina,  Aboriginal and other counterparts or will they, once more, be required to fight their own battles and lift up a separate voice because the female empowered future was not equitable and inclusive. Don't they deserve a voice in dreaming, determining, and developing a future where all women will be empowered?

    Because we believe in a female empowered future, and we want Black women to be fully empowered and represented in this future, Future Black Female is running an international essay competition, the Future is Black Female. This competition will inspire Black girls and young women all over the world to determine their futures by seeking out opportunities that make their dreams a reality. We encourage Black female youth, regardless of where they live and the challenges and barriers that stand in their way, to think of the future as theirs to discover. We want them to take up the mantra: the Future is Female and back it up with actions that will ensure that there is a future worth possessing for all women, including Black female youths.

    Currently, Black girls all over the world have to struggle for equity, not only with men but with other women as well. They are becoming the most educated and fastest rising professional demographic but are still underrepresented in positions of real power and authority - politically, economically, and socially. Future Black Female is a not-for-profit enterprise that supports Black female youth to increase their participation in society. We aim to provide programs and services that inspire a sense of belonging and pride in their racial identity; and we help them engage with their communities as leaders. Why wait until they have struggled and fought their way through racism, discrimination, and socio-economic disadvantage before we support, encourage, and uplift Black female youth as a vital part of the present and future society.   


    Please join us in empowering our Black girls by supporting this essay project with sponsorships/donations and by encouraging Black female youth aged 16-22 to think of the future that belongs to them today.


Thank you,






Dr Tapo Chimbganda

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