In April 2019, we launched a global essay contestThis project has resulted in an anthology featuring the voices of Black females from across the world. But our work is not yet done! We want more essays to complete the collection and want to hear from girls aged 16-22 from all walks of life. Read more about the book we will be publishing HERE.

Below are some of the topics we are looking to include in our book.



  1. You must be a Black female aged 16-22, but you can be from anywhere in the world. 

  2. Essays must be in first person - about you and be based on a true story. 

  3. Essays must be in English

  4. Essays must not be less than 1800 words and not more than 2000 words. 

  5. All proposals must be submitted by June 30th and full essays by July 30th.



  • What have you been up to during lockdown? 

  • We are looking for stories about your COVID experience.

  • How did you cope with and conquer the isolation?

  • Did you contribute to making meals or making face masks?


Show the world how Black females handle a crisis!


TOPIC 2: Tell us about a first.

  • We want to know about the first person you fell in love with.

  • The first time your heart was broken or you broke a heart.

  • What about the first time you drank alcohol or used a recreational drug?

  • Tell us about your first kiss or the first time you had sex.

  • Your first pay check or your first job. 


We want to experience that first time with you. 


TOPIC 3: What does sisterhood mean to you?

  • Who is that friend you just cannot live without? (Or friends).

  • How long have you been friends and how did you meet?

  • Have you ever had a big fight? How did you fix things between you?


Pull us into your special friendship. 


TOPIC 4: For this one we want to hear about the weirdest, funniest, or most bizarre thing that ever happened to you as a Black female. 


Let's laugh about it together. 


TOPIC 5: Share your favourite traditional/ethnic recipe or meal.

  • How did you learn to make this dish or meal?

  • Are there tricks to making it perfect?

  • Does it remind you of a special person or occasion?

  • Tell us about a time you shared this meal with other people.


Teach us how to cook and savour this special dish.

TOPIC 6: Celebrations

  • Tell us about a special cultural celebration you shared in your family or community. 

  • Did you have a party?

  • Who was invited?

  • What did people wear and eat?

  • Were there any rituals or customs observed?


TOPIC 7: Tell us about your daily life.

  • What are your routines?

  • What are your hobbies?

  • Who are the people surrounding you everyday? Family? Friends? Frenemies?

  • That one thing your mom says everyday. The same old routine with your sibling or dad? 

If you have ideas for other topics email your proposal

Image by Mike Von