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Education and Career Wellbeing

According to Statistics Canada:

  • Black Canadians with a university degree had a lower employment rate (86.1%) than their non-visible minority counterparts (91.1%).

  • Black youth, including the Black female youth aged 15 to 24, experienced high unemployment during the pandemic, as almost one-third of the labour force in this group (30.6%) was unemployed in January 2021.

Black Canadians, with the inclusion of Black Female Youth, experience higher rates of: 

  • Unemployment: from January 2020 to January 2021, the unemployment rate increased more among Black Canadians (+5.3%) than among non-visible minority Canadians (+3.7%) in the context of the pandemic (Labour Force Survey).

  • Discrimination at work or during the hiring process: In 2014, 13% of Black Canadians, compared to 6% of their non-Black counterparts, reported experiencing discrimination at work or in the context of a hiring process which could explain this increasing number experienced by Black immigrant youth.

As a significant part of the labour force in Canada, Black female youth face the same adversities as Black males but also experience the added strain of sexism, gender-based violence in the workplace, and discrimination. There is a need for an approach that considers all of their unique challenges and disadvantages to create more equitable and inclusive outcomes in the labour force.

FBF offers a feminist response to the current impacts of COVID-19 on the educational and career goals of Black girls and women. We focus on systemic issues that impact the population we serve and have developed several tools and resources.

We help Black female youth figure out:

  • How to get credentials assessment services and evaluation of international academic documents.

  • How to connect with other service providers for educational guidance and assistance such as language skills development, labour training, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), and more.

  • How to explore career prospects and access tools for career development.

  • How to connect with local employment services that specialize in job search techniques and placements. 

  • How to navigate labour force trends, future skills insights, and other relevant information to stay up to date.

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