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Nos programmes

La stratégie de développement du bien-être à trois volets de FBF comprend le bien-être mental grâce à nos services de santé mentale pro-noirs ; Bien-être financier grâce à nos programmes de littératie financière ; et bien-être professionnel grâce à nos programmes d'éducation et de stratégies de carrière. Nous pensons que nous ne pouvons pas séparer ces trois domaines de développement à l'adolescence et au début de l'âge adulte. Les jeunes femmes noires qui accèdent à nos services dans ces trois domaines amélioreront considérablement leurs résultats en établissant les bonnes bases pour leur vie. 

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) & Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Program

At Future Black Female, we are dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. As part of our ongoing commitment, we are excited to introduce our Black Youth Against Gender-Based Violence program. This program addresses the pressing issue of gender-based violence (GBV) and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) within the Black communities, particularly among Black youth.


Empower Youth: Building Safer Communities

Are you ready to unlock your potential, make empowered choices, and navigate life's challenges with confidence?
Introducing the Empower Youth Program, a dynamic initiative designed specifically for All Black youth aged 16-22 years old. Supported by the Building Safer Communities Grant Program, this program is your gateway to growth, resilience, and cultural celebration.


Campus Drop-in Sessions

Future Black Female is proud to introduce our impactful Campus Drop-In Sessions, a unique initiative designed to empower and uplift Black girls within the Niagara region both at a high school and university level. With a focus on pro-Black mental health, financial literacy, and education and career strategies, our program aims to create a nurturing environment where girls and young Black women can cultivate their skills and flourish.


Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program

Are you ready to blend your passion for beauty and creativity with the magic of entrepreneurship? Get excited because we have rolled out our amazing Beauty Parlor Entrepreneurial Program exclusively for Black female youth entrepreneurs aged 18 to 25!


Career & Education Strategies

FBF offers a feminist response to the current impacts of COVID-19 on the educational and career goals of Black girls and women. We focus on systemic issues that impact the population we serve and have developed a number of tools and resources.


FBF Financial Literacy Program

Financial literacy is an essential life skill especially as you enter the workforce, get credit cards, and apply for loans. The Canadian Financial Capability Survey (CFCS) indicates that women (68%) have a much lower understanding of finances and in the long term suffer greater financial stress than their male counterparts (57%). The same survey also exposes the differences between Anglophone versus Francophone Canadians. It appears that certain groups have faced barriers in improving their financial knowledge, which highlights the need to tailor financial literacy efforts for different populations.


Pro-Black Mental Health Services

Studies indicate the psychological effects of racism include post-traumatic stress disorder and other forms of stress-related disorders. Due to race-based threats, Black families are reluctant to engage with services and avail of community resources mostly because many are part of a system that has been historically oppressive towards them.

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