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FBF Annual Summer Retreat

This years’ summer camp is specifically designed to cultivate self-esteem, enhance mental well-being, and foster lifelong friendships. Don’t miss out on

this incredible opportunity!

This retreat is designed to nurture and celebrate the spirit of Black women through community bonding, self-care, and skill-building workshops. It aims to provide a space for growth, healing, and joy among participants. The retreat will be held at various locations including the beach for relaxation and recreational activities, and indoor venues for workshops. Our summer camp is free to attend and transportation to the venue each day will be provided.

Schedule: 9:30am-4:30pm Daily.

Day 1: Financial Literacy Workshop

  • Practical tips on managing finances effectively and vision boarding for your financial future.

Day 2: Soca Dance Fitness, Mental Well-Being & Self Care Workshop

  • Energizing dance workout by the Port Dalhousie beach.

  • Techniques and practices for mental health and self-care.

Day 3: Cooking Workshop and Hair Workshop

  • Tips and tricks for maintaining healthy hair.

If you have any questions, please email

Merci à nos sponsors

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