Say Something about Gender-based violence and femicide. 

Record your spoken word and send us the video. 

Your video must be a minimum of 4 mins and a maximum of 5. Any longer or short, you will be disqualified. 

We will not accept audio only clips. 

You video will be uploaded to this website and our other social media platforms. 

By submitting your video you are agreeing to let Future Black Female use it for multiple purposes. 

Contest opens October 1, 2020 at midnight EST. (Check your time zones). 

Contest closes December 30, 2020 at midnight EST. 

Videos sent before or after the dates stated above will be disqualified.

Open to Black females aged 16-22 anywhere in the world. 

We will ask for your ID before uploading your video. 

Only one winner will take the prize of $ 500.

The winner will be announced on International Women's Day 2021.