Our Current Intern: Brilliant Thembelihle Bimhah

Born and bred in Zimbabwe, I am an enthusiastic feminist who is driven by passion and ambition to be a successful young Black woman. I enjoy writing, public speaking, and makeup artistry. Professionally, I am a qualified laboratory technician, a woman in science technology. However, I am currently working in the field of digital media and marketing. I have always been a multi-faceted individual. Learning about feminism has been an insightful journey for me. I still seek to know and understand how best I can contribute towards the emancipation of young Black women and girls. To this effect, I volunteer as an educator on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights HIV and AIDS with the National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe.


This platform has played a major role in honing my skills in public speaking, and planning and facilitating projects. It has also awarded me an opportunity to teach young Black girls to make informed decisions that protect their health and rights.

The highlight of my self-awareness journey as a feminist has been learning through Future Black Female. My interaction with them has been an eye opener, more so, it has encouraged me to learn more about Black feminism. This internship is an opportunity to do so while I take part in raising awareness for other Black females around the world. I am excited and nervous! However, I look forward to harnessing skills in social media management as well as improving my writing skills with the guidance of Dr. Tapo. I believe that this experience will groom me into a better writer and I am dedicated to working towards that. Above all, I want to further the agenda of Future Black Female and learn about Black Females around the world through interacting on social media. 

Previous Interns
Tsitsi Karen Shava   

During my work experience at Future Black Female, as a Social Media Manager, I was fortunate to learn about social media as a tool for progress towards social justice. The internship granted me the opportunity to enhance my criticality and writing skills through the provision of tools that aid these skills and constructive criticism from Dr Tapo. Further, the expectations created by the position pushed me to gain more knowledge on the issues of gender inequality, feminism, particularly black feminism, gender based violence and colourism. Reflecting back to my first day at Future Black Female, I was nervous. My first task was to create posters for The Future Is Black Female Writing Contest in order to spread awareness through our social media pages. I also had to invite people to like our pages by sending them requests and even by approaching them to do so on my personal social media platform and in person. The response was overwhelming, we received a good number of likes and follows in that month. I also interacted with the people who contacted us, giving them information on the writing contest and often engaging on issues that they have faced such as body shaming.

I led a project from which we received videos of young women declaring a black female future. I further combined them into a single video and shared them on our social media pages. The videos are available the Future Black Female website. I was responsible for daily activity on all social media platforms. I was also responsible for writing weekly profiles on women who have worked themselves into male dominated sectors. I found this challenging as it is something I had never done before. However, Dr Tapo helped me along the way. I enjoyed conducting research on these phenomenal Black women, they gave me hope and inspired me to aspire to be more, to do more. I uploaded these profiles to our blog feed to drive traffic to the Future Black Female website.

My advice to the next intern is that she should be willing to learn. She should be open for new experiences and take it one task at a time.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I am open to learning new skills, should I not execute something well, I am willing to start over with a good attitude. This internship has prepared me for work and school. I plan on continuing with my studies next year and the writing skills I have acquired will definitely come in handy. Future Black Female has given me the skills and the confidence to contribute towards a black female future.