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Future Black Female is a feminist movement that mobilizes Black female youth to rise up and pursue better outcomes in academic, social, political, civic, and feminist arenas. Our pilot project launched in April 2019 was a global essay contest: The Future is Black Female. Contestants spoke about their lived experiences as females in their cultures and locations. Through their essays we were able to determine our next move as a growing organization. There are universal truths that writers identified and that we know as socially conscious individuals. That is, Black female youth across the globe struggle against poverty, educational barriers, economic barriers, and health and wellbeing challenges. Without the necessary comprehension of the systems that drive the trends in female empowerment, Black female youth are left behind where their counterparts are more resourced and better supported. A big part of this is a lack of voice. They are the most silenced demographic in the world because of their race, their gender, the socioeconomic and geographical location, and their age. 

We aim to work against this silencing of Black female youth and cultivate a strong unified feminist movement that transcends borders and geographical locations. In the next generation, we want Black females to be loud and proud (angry or not) as they change their outcomes and drive the development of their communities. Through this network a message resounds for members to rise up! We do this by providing short and relevant transferable skills boot camps. The boot camps begin with a two-week intensive digital camp and then two-weeks community-based boot camp. 

Our programs change the system because they focus on social value partnerships and collaborations in local communities. A significant component of our program focuses on helping Black female youth gain the necessary skills to collaborate with corporate and for-profit companies in their communities for increased social value. We help them identify and target corporate responsibility opportunities, pitch their ideas to potential partners, and maintain these relationships for their benefit and the benefit of their communities in a meaningful way. 

What We Will Do

As your Community Mobilization Partner, Future Black Female will:


  • facilitate learning sessions

  • provide some learning materials and resources

  • provide guidance in recruiting participants for bootcamps

  • provide coaching and mentoring for participants and alumni

  • provide guidance and resources in building and maintaining  corporate responsibility and social value relationships 

  • provide assistance in obtaining material goods necessary to run a grassroots bootcamp

  • partially fund bootcamp through limited scholarships for participants.

What You Will Gain

Participants gain knowledge and transferable skills in:


  • ethnographic research

  • digital literacy

  • communication and writing,

  • feminist thought and action,

  • corporate responsibility and social value

  • community advocacy

  • self-advocacy 

  • grassroots mobilization


In addition, our alumni become part of a global network of Future Black Females solving social and community problems together. 

Our Global Future Black Female Network aims to: 

  • Unify the voices of Black female youth across ethnicities, cultures, and countries of origin, age, and geographic location, which contributes to a sense of belonging and pride among Black female youth. 

  • Increase the knowledge and capacity for Black females of the future to correctly identify and tackle or address the impact of racial socioeconomic disparities, female oppression and discrimination, and gender-based violence. 

  • Increase the resilience and coping skills of Black female youth so they are enabled and empowered to participate fully in social and academic arenas; in community advocacy and development initiatives; and in civic and political engagement. 

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