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Public Relations Intern

Contract Length: April 24-August 31, 2023

Social Issues Researcher Job Description: (2 positions)


Social researchers plan, design, conduct and manage social research projects, reporting on findings in order to shape policy or to examine the effectiveness of existing policy.


You'll collect, analyse and evaluate data and information and present your findings to clients and key stakeholders in order to influence policy decisions.


As a social issues researcher, you'll need to:


-follow instructions about the nature of the research to be carried out

-use an appropriate and creative methodology to design and manage a research project, which may involve the use of quantitative and/or qualitative methods and may include both pilot and development work

-design and write questionnaires and surveys

-apply a range of research techniques to gather relevant information, including document analysis, surveys, case studies and interviews (face-to-face, telephone and online)

develop and test theories

-liaise with and direct social research field interviewers to gather information

-carry out information and data retrieval searches using electronic databases

-analyse and evaluate research and interpret data using a range of statistical packages

-gather information by directing or carrying out fieldwork

-prepare, present and disseminate results in the form of reports, briefings, research papers and presentations

-offer research-based briefings and advice, which may involve writing action plans

-advise external bodies on social policy.

Camp Coordinator Job Description: (2 positions)

Job Purpose: 


The FBF Camp Coordinator will have advanced knowledge of issues faced by Black girls and women in Canada. She will assist & create lesson plans and develop programs for the camp programs. The successful candidate is responsible for coaching, supervising, planning, organizing, executing, evaluating camp programs and reporting directly to The Programs Lead. 



• Leading & Coordinating and training for camps 

• Assist with organizing and maintaining camp equipment and assist with the delivery of equipment to sites, program assessment, awareness, and providing coaches with the tools for enhancing their programs. 

• Overseeing existing lesson plans & programs and revamping old training documents. 

• Able to train, evaluate existing programming and monitor new programming with the ability to give feedback, develop and deliver presentations to directors and office staff.. 

• Building and maintaining positive relationships with site hosts and dealing with issues or concerns 

• Ensure that camp procedures and safety standards are being followed and upheld to FBF standards 

• Assisting operations with weekly coaching confirmation 

• Ensure that camp procedures and safety standards are being followed and upheld 

• Be actively involved in ensuring quality delivery of our participant's programs, participate in ensuring friendly, caring and safe camp environments 

• Administrative support daily, on site administration sign in and sign out 

• Contacting participants to get feedback on existing programming, emailing coaches with resources needed to succeed. 

-Highly organized and able to provide participants with the resources they need, with the ability to build documents on Microsoft office. 

• Updating trainings, google sheets for attendance, 

-Before camp preparation 

• Assisting operations with day to day duties 

Administrative Coordinator (1 position) 

Public Relations Officer (1 position)

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